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Magic Secret Dark Chocolate Slimming Powder

Who says lazy woman can't be Beautiful? DARK SECRET MAGIC CHOCOLATE , even if you are lazy, you can still perfect!! DARK SECRET MAGIC CHOCOLATE exclusively use the U.S. high-tech CLA natural ingredients to dissolve belly fat fast, our concern is not just weight loss, but also your body curve!

• 30 packets / box
• One box for one month

Directions: -
Take a package 30 minutes before breakfast, poured into your mouth like candy and drink 200-300ML water subsequently as recommended.

✦ ✦ Reasons that make the Dark Secret Magic Chocolate irresistible ✦ ✦
✦ Easy to consume
✦ Carry like candy conveniently
✦ Ultra-rich dark chocolate taste
✦ Weight loss and slimming effect
✦ CLA Extract targeted abdominal fat
✦ 100 % pure natural
✦ Without dieting
✦ Does not rebound
✦ No side effects

✦ ✦ The reasons of modern community easy to gain weight ✦ ✦
✦ Poor eating habits
✦ Low metabolic rate
✦ Lack of sleep
✦ Lack of exercise
✦ Ageing
✦ Smoking
✦ Pregnancy
✦ Emotional factors
✦ Environmental factors
✦ Disease and drug

✦ ✦ Dark Secret the Magic Chocolate 's benefits ✦ ✦
✦ Promote weight loss
✦ Suppress appetite
✦ Increase satiety
✦ Increase metabolism
✦ To burn calories
✦ Inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates and fats
✦ Improve digestion and intestinal health
✦ Reduce total cholesterol levels

Why Choose Us??
♚ Dark Secret Magic Chocolate’s Malaysia qualified Ministry of Health permit

* Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM)
Ministry of Health Malaysia approved and released for sale.

* Good Manufacturing Practice ( GMP )
GMP certification, the from Malaysia Food and Drug Administration Organization checks to assess whether the specification requirements for all aspects of corporate personnel, training, plant facilities, production environment, health condition, materials management, production management, quality management, sales management, enterprise involved.

* Suitable for Vegetarian

* 100% Natural

* U.S. Formula (R & D)

* ISO9001 is ISO9000 family of standards, including a set of quality management system. The ISO 9000 family of standards is an International Standardization Organization ( ISO ) in 1994 , by ISO/TC176 (Quality management and quality assurance of the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee) to develop international standards.

Dark chocolate powder, organic soy flour, skim milk powder, cocoa fiber, black pepper extract, green tea extract, guarana extract, Gymnema sylvestre, safflower seed extract (conjugated linoleic acid), lecithin,lysine, vitamin B6


5/17/2013 - 5/25/2013 BATCH 1

pre-owned Authentic Louis Vuitton




Up for sale is my LV Neverfull bag, Size GM

This bag is only 1 month and 20 days old!!!

I bought it at Houston Galleria Mall on April 20, 2011

100% Authentic, or 10x your money back!!!

Retail price is $887.65 after tax

Now pre-owned price is
$730 with no sales tax.

now is a great chance for you to own a real LV

please feel free to ask me if you have any question

Overall condition: Great condition. the bag just about 2 months old.
Interior condition:
slightly used. no pen marks or anything
Exterior condition: slightly used, but looks like new.
Accessories: dust bag
Payment Method: Paypal (4.2% paypal fee), check, money gram, western union
Shipping: I only ship within US. ($15 shipping)
contact me if you are interested:
nikoloveu@hotmail.com   e-mail
1(234)352-6047 text message

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